The Gargoyle Gets a Girlfriend – Calandra Hunter

She’s gone viral.

Getting caught on camera was the last thing gargoyle shifter Gwen wanted. But because of the blurry images, a trio of college students has come down to the state park to get clearer footage. Even worse, Gwen’s fated mate is also in the park for a glimpse of the mysterious giant bat creature.

Adventurous Angie figured she’d have a nice holiday in the state park. Seeing the bat creature with her own eyes is just a bonus. Seeing that bat creature transform into a gorgeous woman is an even bigger bonus.

Together, Gwen and Angie have to deal with the nosy trio and their camera. They’ll have to debunk the existence of the creature once and for all, or risk exposing shifters to the world and attracting more nosy humans to the park.

Because the only human Gwen wants to attract, is Angie.

The Gargoyle Gets A Girfriend is a steamy shifter romance, and perfect if you love protective gargoyles, arts and crafts, and finding love in unexpected places.

This story was originally published in the charity anthology Her Wild Soulmate.


The Taitaja – Susannah Adele

Herb witch Fern can heal wounds and sickness, but not her own broken heart. But maybe the warrior Nismaya can…

Fern carries the guilt and grief of being unable to save the woman she loved.  But a mission to a remote and icy village under attack by supernatural forces may be the second chance she needs. Accompanied by her familiar, a tiny moss-otter, Fern sets out in a last-chance attempt to prove herself.

The village elder Nismaya is a warrior and twice Fern’s age. Fern is asexual, and not everyone understands. The two women don’t even speak the same language. But when they are joined in an accidental magical soulbond, Fern begins to open her heart to possibilities she thought would be forever out of her reach.  That is, if a deadly magic doesn’t kill them both first.

The Taitaja is an asexual, age-difference romantic fantasy full of intricate worldbuilding and dangerous magic.


An Intimate Study – Margaret K. Mac

Dr Alana Brighton needs an artist’s model so she can finally get some decent anatomical studies.

She doesn’t expect her model to be the bright and mischievous Victoria Barton, an American who has her own ideas about what anatomy the good doctor should be studying.

Alana’s old-fashioned and set in her ways. She’s never dreamed of romance, but Victoria’s better than any dream. Victoria is real- flesh and blood and laughter and passion- and suddenly Alana is ready for anything and everything.

However, is Victoria ready for the woman she’s teased so very dreadfully?

An Intimate Study is a short Victorian lesbian romance, perfect for a lunch read or a break between longer stories!