Finder’s Keeper – Mar Delaney

She can find anything … except the heart she couldn’t keep.

In the walled desert city of Petrichor, Kettrin makes a living by using her unique magical talent to find missing objects and people for anyone who can pay.

The one person she won’t look for is her childhood friend and former lover Mirsagh, a thief who stole Kett’s heart—and then broke it.

But when Mirsagh shows up wanting to hire her to find someone lost in the desert, Kett can’t say no.

Even though, for city girl Kett, it means venturing into a perilous wasteland where her very survival depends on a woman she still cares for—but isn’t sure she can trust.

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Accepting Refuge – Victoria Janssen

Accepting Refuge:

A Place of Refuge, Part Two

Escaping the fascist Federated Colonies was the easy part.

Genius engineer Miki Boudreaux found sanctuary on the planet Refuge for herself and her partner, Damarae telepath Talia Avi. They have plenty of delicious food to eat and don’t need to fear death or capture at every turn. They might never have to pick up weapons again. It’s terrific.

But Miki isn’t as happy as she ought to be.

While supporting Talia’s recovery from a harrowing captivity, Miki’s also grieving their failed revolution and the loss of their leader. It hurts that she doesn’t even know how he died. She can’t get past that alone – but she can’t rely solely on Talia and their beloved companion Faigin, either, because they have wounds of their own.

Refuge might have some answers, though…can Miki bring herself to reach out and ask?

Sometimes, accepting help is the hard part.

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A Hellhound for Halloween – Calandra Hunter

She met her mate.
Only to watch her leave.

Chipmunk shifter Charlotte can’t believe it when she finally meets her true mate. She definitely can’t believe it when the gorgeous woman leaves her standing by the side of the road. But Charlotte refuses to give up on her mate and their chance at happiness. When Teresa has to track down a criminal in the state park Charlotte works at, Charlotte grabs the chance to spend more time with her. She’ll show Teresa they’re meant to be together—no matter the risk.

Teresa lives for the chase. As a hellhound shifter, she never loses a trail and uses her unique skills to find dangerous shifters and bring them to justice. Meeting her mate is the last thing she needs. She can’t put Charlotte in danger. She’ll just have to fight her attraction until she’s solved her case and can leave.

Never mind that her hellhound has decided that only one thing matters—chasing down their mate.

A Hellhound for Halloween is a steamy shifter romance, and perfect if you like chipmunks coming to the rescue and stubborn hellhounds!

This book is set in the same series as The Gargoyle Gets A Girlfriend, but can be read separately.

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Fox You – Yuna Lee

Fox spirits are supposed to seduce and drain their victims…not fall in love with them!

Eunice, a modern-day fox, thought that giving up her party girl ways and turning over a new leaf would be easy. But she’s getting nagged by her Very Asian Mom (TM), hosting a foxy cousin who insists on holding orgies, and incompetent at cooking anything but ramen. When a beautiful Black woman teaches her the magic of Southern cooking, Eunice is smitten. How can she control her desires around someone so delicious?

Mary Jean is a gifted cook who dreams of opening her own restaurant. Right now, she has trouble making ends meet while supporting her sick ma. She’s giving cooking lessons to a gorgeous Asian woman—after all, everyone deserves great jambalaya—and maybe falling for her too. But after a break-up with the rich ex who thought that golf mattered more than her ma’s health, Mary Jean isn’t sure she’s ready to open her heart again.

Can two women find romance together while reinventing Southern cuisine?

NOTE: Fox You was previously published on Kindle Vella under the pen name Jaye Fox.

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Yuna Lee

Yuna Lee is the romance pen name of Yoon Ha Lee. He also writes science fiction and fantasy under the latter name. Lee lives in Louisiana with his family and an extremely lazy cat, and has not yet been eaten by gators.

Finding Refuge – Victoria Janssen

A Place of Refuge, Part One

They lost the revolution. But then, they found sanctuary—and hope.

After the fascistic Federated Colonies crushes their interstellar revolt, freedom fighters Talia and Miki have only each other.

Telepathic warrior Talia Avi lost her home planet, her people, and their psychic communion when the FC invaded, but thanks to Miki Boudreaux, she can glimpse a life beyond defeat. Genius engineer Miki lost Talia once to FC captivity and never plans to lose her again.

Miki will risk her life and her freedom to reunite Talia with the escaped remnants of her people, on a mysterious planet far outside of FC control. But the difficult part will be what comes after…when you’ve always been a guerilla at the sharp end of death, how do you learn to make a life?

Can two freedom fighters find refuge at last?

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Wolf Country – Mar Delaney

A lot can happen in a remote cabin in a beautiful wilderness, with only one bed.

Laney thinks she’s only doing a good deed when she rescues a wolf caught in an illegal trap—until the wolf transforms into a beautiful naked woman in her arms!

Sheltered Dasha grew up in an isolated werewolf pack under the rule of a strict alpha, but she immediately recognizes her rescuer as her mate. Now Laney is nursing her back to health in her isolated cabin in the gorgeous Alaskan wilderness, while the two women dance around the magnetic attraction drawing them together.

In Dasha’s sparkling eyes and beautiful smile, Laney might have found the piece she’s been missing—if she can learn to let someone else in, after years of being alone. And Dasha has always taken her cues from her pack … but when mate bond and pack bond collide, she has to trust her own heart and instincts to tell her what’s right.

With Dasha’s pack determined to separate them and a dangerous, armed poacher on the loose, Laney and Dasha must decide what they want and fight for what’s theirs, in a remote winter wilderness where the greatest unexplored country is the wilds of a human heart.

An HEA lesbian werewolf romance, with sizzling sex and true love conquering all, set in the sweeping scenery of Alaska’s wild backcountry.


Complementary – Celia Lake

Undercover in the nonmagical world … with a cozy cottage and only one bed!

As an artist and a magical investigator, Elizabeth is the perfect choice when midwife Rosemary comes to her for help investigating something strange at an artist’s colony on the English coast in 1910.

Problem one: Elizabeth and Rosemary can’t reveal their magic to anyone there.

Problem two: They met less than a week ago but have to pretend they’re good friends to keep their cover. That’s going to be even harder to do with growing feelings sparking between them.

Further problems: There’s also an imminent birth, a kitchen that needs a good scouring, and the immense ego of one of the artists.

In this seemingly quiet corner of the countryside, nothing is as it seems, and Elizabeth and Rosemary are about to uncover more than one secret that will change lives forever. Maybe even their own.

Complementary is a standalone f/f novella of 33,000 words. All of Celia Lake’s Albion books exploring the magical community of the British Isles can be read in any order. Complementary is full of fae magic, the Norfolk coast, art and artists, cooking, and sensible decisions. Enjoy this charming romantic fantasy with no sex scenes set in 1910 with a happily ever after ending!

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Celia Lake

Celia Lake spends her days as a librarian in the Boston (MA) metro area, and her nights and weekends at home happily writing, reading, and researching. Born and raised in Massachusetts to British parents, she naturally embraced British spelling, classic mysteries, and the Oxford comma before she learned there were any other options.

Celia has lived in Minnesota, and Maine, before returning to Massachusetts in 2015. She lives with one cat, quite a few books, and occasional knitting projects. Her Albion books about the magical community of Great Britain are set between 1900 and the late 1920s and explore everything from staffroom romance to art forgery.