A Lady’s Fine Companion – Margaret K. Mac

In A Lady’s Fine Companion, Eleanor Blank is a wonder with a typewriter, amazing at meeting her publisher’s deadlines, and utterly abysmal at keeping house. It seems like such a good idea when her brother offers to find her a lady’s companion to care for the old family home.

Eleanor’s good at being on her own, but when Frances Witherspoon arrives on her doorstep, she realizes what she’s been missing!

Suddenly Eleanor’s living with an adorable woman who makes her blush and eat regular meals, and Frances comes to realize that her employer’s cranky exterior hides a heart of gold and a passion that takes her breath away.

Is Eleanor ready to bring someone into her solitude? Is Frances ready for her mysterious employer’s unexpected desires?

A Lady’s Fine Companion is a short cozy lesbian romance, perfect for a lunch read or a break between longer stories!

Includes the bonus short story, Roman Ways.


cover of Poisons by Susannah Adele

Poisons – Susannah Adele

cover of Poisons by Susannah Adele

Tales of the Kyraxi – Book 2

A steamy lesbian fantasy casefic romance that will have you guessing and cheering from start to finish.

Reed, who comes from a land of women, isn’t welcome in Kaddiswal, an oppressively misogynistic land, but she is determined to do the job she was sent there to do: find out who or what is behind the deaths and disappearances of high-profile men.

Reed’s investigation isn’t made any easier by her immediate attraction to the alluring and elusive Lady Salaisuus, and her growing realization that the woman she’s falling for has more than one secret — but Reed has to set aside distractions and unravel the mystery, because her life literally depends on it.

Content warning: References to female-on-female emotional and physical abuse.


The Gargoyle Gets a Girlfriend – Calandra Hunter

She’s gone viral.

Getting caught on camera was the last thing gargoyle shifter Gwen wanted. But because of the blurry images, a trio of college students has come down to the state park to get clearer footage. Even worse, Gwen’s fated mate is also in the park for a glimpse of the mysterious giant bat creature.

Adventurous Angie figured she’d have a nice holiday in the state park. Seeing the bat creature with her own eyes is just a bonus. Seeing that bat creature transform into a gorgeous woman is an even bigger bonus.

Together, Gwen and Angie have to deal with the nosy trio and their camera. They’ll have to debunk the existence of the creature once and for all, or risk exposing shifters to the world and attracting more nosy humans to the park.

Because the only human Gwen wants to attract, is Angie.

The Gargoyle Gets A Girfriend is a steamy shifter romance, and perfect if you love protective gargoyles, arts and crafts, and finding love in unexpected places.

This story was originally published in the charity anthology Her Wild Soulmate.


The Taitaja – Susannah Adele

Herb witch Fern can heal wounds and sickness, but not her own broken heart. But maybe the warrior Nismaya can…

Fern carries the guilt and grief of being unable to save the woman she loved.  But a mission to a remote and icy village under attack by supernatural forces may be the second chance she needs. Accompanied by her familiar, a tiny moss-otter, Fern sets out in a last-chance attempt to prove herself.

The village elder Nismaya is a warrior and twice Fern’s age. Fern is asexual, and not everyone understands. The two women don’t even speak the same language. But when they are joined in an accidental magical soulbond, Fern begins to open her heart to possibilities she thought would be forever out of her reach.  That is, if a deadly magic doesn’t kill them both first.

The Taitaja is an asexual, age-difference romantic fantasy full of intricate worldbuilding and dangerous magic.


An Intimate Study – Margaret K. Mac

Dr Alana Brighton needs an artist’s model so she can finally get some decent anatomical studies.

She doesn’t expect her model to be the bright and mischievous Victoria Barton, an American who has her own ideas about what anatomy the good doctor should be studying.

Alana’s old-fashioned and set in her ways. She’s never dreamed of romance, but Victoria’s better than any dream. Victoria is real- flesh and blood and laughter and passion- and suddenly Alana is ready for anything and everything.

However, is Victoria ready for the woman she’s teased so very dreadfully?

An Intimate Study is a short Victorian lesbian romance, perfect for a lunch read or a break between longer stories!


cover of Moose Madness by Mar Delaney

Moose Madness: Mar Delaney

If the moose festival doesn’t blow up Maggie’s life, the hot motorcycle-riding cheerleader just might …

Big, shy, and clumsy, Maggie “Moose” McKenna has been dogged by her hated nickname ever since childhood. Worse, she lives in the small Alaska town of Moose Point, which never lets her forget it. From the annual Moose Madness Festival to the moose bumper stickers to the giant sign for the Moose Point Pub where she works, this town loves its moose.

Worst of all? Maggie really is a moose. A moose shifter, to be specific. It’s just that no one knows. No one can ever know.

Except one person …

Wolf shifter Fiona Barton was one of the mean girls in high school … and Maggie’s desperate crush. Years after shaking the dust of Moose Point off her heels, she’s back in town for a pack event and runs headlong into Maggie—and this time she recognizes what she didn’t before: the tall girl with the shy, beautiful smile is her fated mate.

Fiona is openly out; Maggie isn’t. But Fi has a lot to make up for, and Maggie has a lot of soul-searching to do before a wolf and a moose can ride off into the sunset together.

A hilarious and heartwarming enemies-to-lovers lesbian romcom, with a guaranteed HEA!



Mar Delaney

photo of Mar Delaney

Mar Delaney is a lesbian romance pen name for Layla Lawlor, who also writes fantasy and science fiction under her own name, straight paranormal romance as Lauren Esker, and contemporary romance as Liz Harman (co-written with her sister). She sometimes worries that she may be juggling too many pen names, but everyone needs a hobby collecting something.

She lives on the highway in Alaska, north of Fairbanks, enjoying nearly 24-hour sunshine in the summer and -40F darkness in the winter. (For certain values of enjoying.) She is also an artist and cartoonist who formerly ran the local newspaper’s layout department and is now a full-time writer.

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Susannah Adele

fantasy, science fiction, paranormal

Susannah Adele grew up playing barbarian princess in the wooded ravines behind her house and spinning stories about Amazons in pastel chitons. She has written fanfiction on and off since 1978, but in the past few years most of her works are original female-centric action adventure, comedy, erotica, fantasy, and romance. The Taitaja is her first book for Kalikoi.

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Larkin Dailey


Mild-mannered bureaucrat by day, and guerilla gardener, vigilante librarian (shh!)  and duathlete by night, Larkin Dailey takes time out from fighting the forces of darkness to imagine –and write, too slowly–alternate worlds of fantasy adventure and romance where magic is real and love wins in the end. Larkin has a story in the anthology Two Mates for the Dragon and plans for more in that universe as well as stories in other genres. If you’d like to be emailed when Larkin releases a new story, click here.