Aster Glenn Gray

Aster Glenn Gray writes fantasies with a romantic twist, or romances with a fantastic twist. (And maybe other things too. She is still a work in progress.) When she is not writing, she spends much of her time haunting libraries, taking long walks, and dreaming about trips to faraway lands.


Enemies to Lovers – Aster Glenn Gray

Handcuffed together. Only one bed. Which will win: Megan and Sarah’s sizzling sexual attraction, or their compulsion to correct each other’s atrocious fandom opinions?

Shy library science student by day, fanfic writer by night, Megan is thrilled when she discovers her new crush Sarah shares her favorite fandom. Smart, gorgeous, and brashly confident in her thoughts on fandom, Sarah is Megan’s dream girl… until Megan realizes that Sarah is also her Tumblr nemesis, who called Megan’s popular ongoing fic “the cancer that is killing fandom.” Clearly, they must never speak again.

But when a writing club exercise leaves them handcuffed together, they have no choice but to duke out their differences, until they reach an agreement on the most important question of all: is hatesex as insanely hot in real life as it is in fic? (Yes. Yes, it is, at least in this steamy f/f novelette.)


The Witch and the Warrior – Susannah Adele

Herb witch Fern can heal wounds and sickness, but not her own broken heart. But maybe the warrior Nismaya can…

Fern carries the guilt and grief of being unable to save the woman she loved. But a mission to a remote and icy village under attack by supernatural forces may be the second chance she needs. Accompanied by her familiar, a tiny moss-otter, Fern sets out in a last-chance attempt to prove herself.

She is instantly drawn to village protector Nismaya, feeling an immediate connection even though the two women don’t speak each other’s language. But there is more than one way to communicate, and when they are joined in an accidental magical soulbond, Fern begins to open her heart to possibilities she thought would be forever out of her reach.

That is, if a deadly magical enemy doesn’t kill them both first.

The Witch and the Warrior is a fantasy romance full of intricate worldbuilding and eerie magic.

This book was originally published as The Taitaja.


All Manner of Hats – Elva Birch

Milliner Valentina Briggston is on a mission of marriage. She has selected her quarry, a rich widower who won’t interfere with her independence, with the same care that she has built her successful business of (slightly magical) women’s hats. Unfortunately, she finds herself with a rival, the fiery and fashion-defying Charlotte Jones, who is disturbingly beautiful, unexpectedly clever, and, if Valentina is being honest with herself, much more interesting than the man in their sights. 

When their intended husband-of-convenience becomes the target of supernatural mischief, the two rivals reluctantly have to collaborate to figure out who—or what—is trying to terrify him…and why. What starts as a truce to protect their interests ends up as an opportunity for happiness that neither of them saw coming.

All Manner of Hats is a short, sweet lesbian romp of manners with magic, ghost horses, and cunning hats, in a steampunk-flavored world of dirigibles, duels, and cityships.

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Women and Cats Shall Do As They Please – Ace Olusola

Christie doesn’t believe in magic.

Christie is the sensible, pragmatic sort, and she’s just looking for a place to heal her broken heart.  Thea, her childhood best friend, offers a perfect solution: Christie can stay with her as long as she wants, and all she has to do is take care of Thea’s many adopted stray cats so Thea can focus on her independent film career.  With a chance to catch up and reconnect, it’ll be just like old times.

Magic is Thea’s business.

Thea’s made a name for herself with video travelogues of fantastical worlds: the perfect setting for her warm personality and love of life to shine.  But she has a secret she doesn’t trust to anyone.  These amazing places aren’t the product of special effects genius.  They’re real.  And the cats she takes care of are the key.

Worlds collide…

When Thea disappears, Christie is pulled into an adventure of talking cats, courtly crows, and a door which opens into other worlds.  But in the midst of all these marvels, her greatest quest is to uncover the desires of her heart.

Women and Cats Shall Do as They Please is a lighthearted F/F friends-to-lovers adventure with a guaranteed happy ending.  Open the door to this magical book today!

Ace Olusola

Ace Olusola lives life under the queer umbrella, admiring cats and crows, drinking tea with heavy cream, plotting more stories than can be finished, and assiduously evading pronouns.  Romance is not Ace’s native habitat, but Ace finds fascination in all species of intimacy.

A Fox in the Orchard – Layne Baker

A shifter on the run and a lonely apple farmer … Two wounded women opening their hearts to love again.

Fox shifter Cade knows settling down is dangerous. She can’t risk being caught and sent back to the life she escaped from–until she lands on the doorstep of a beautiful, kind woman, and discovers some things are worth staying for.

Angela is used to working alone. She does all the growing, harvesting, baking, and marketing to make her business a smashing success. But beautiful, wild Cade makes her begin to realize that alone is just another word for lonely.

But when Cade’s dark past pursues her to Angela’s farm, everything they’ve worked to build may come crashing down around them …

A Fox in the Orchard is a short and sweet lesbian romance, originally published in the charity anthology Her Wild Soulmate.

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A Lady’s Fine Companion – Margaret K. Mac

In A Lady’s Fine Companion, Eleanor Blank is a wonder with a typewriter, amazing at meeting her publisher’s deadlines, and utterly abysmal at keeping house. It seems like such a good idea when her brother offers to find her a lady’s companion to care for the old family home.

Eleanor’s good at being on her own, but when Frances Witherspoon arrives on her doorstep, she realizes what she’s been missing!

Suddenly Eleanor’s living with an adorable woman who makes her blush and eat regular meals, and Frances comes to realize that her employer’s cranky exterior hides a heart of gold and a passion that takes her breath away.

Is Eleanor ready to bring someone into her solitude? Is Frances ready for her mysterious employer’s unexpected desires?

A Lady’s Fine Companion is a short cozy lesbian romance, perfect for a lunch read or a break between longer stories!

Includes the bonus short story, Roman Ways.


The Gargoyle Gets a Girlfriend – Calandra Hunter

She’s gone viral.

Getting caught on camera was the last thing gargoyle shifter Gwen wanted. But because of the blurry images, a trio of college students has come down to the state park to get clearer footage. Even worse, Gwen’s fated mate is also in the park for a glimpse of the mysterious giant bat creature.

Adventurous Angie figured she’d have a nice holiday in the state park. Seeing the bat creature with her own eyes is just a bonus. Seeing that bat creature transform into a gorgeous woman is an even bigger bonus.

Together, Gwen and Angie have to deal with the nosy trio and their camera. They’ll have to debunk the existence of the creature once and for all, or risk exposing shifters to the world and attracting more nosy humans to the park.

Because the only human Gwen wants to attract, is Angie.

The Gargoyle Gets A Girfriend is a steamy shifter romance, and perfect if you love protective gargoyles, arts and crafts, and finding love in unexpected places.

This story was originally published in the charity anthology Her Wild Soulmate.

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An Intimate Study – Margaret K. Mac

Dr Alana Brighton needs an artist’s model so she can finally get some decent anatomical studies.

She doesn’t expect her model to be the bright and mischievous Victoria Barton, an American who has her own ideas about what anatomy the good doctor should be studying.

Alana’s old-fashioned and set in her ways. She’s never dreamed of romance, but Victoria’s better than any dream. Victoria is real- flesh and blood and laughter and passion- and suddenly Alana is ready for anything and everything.

However, is Victoria ready for the woman she’s teased so very dreadfully?

An Intimate Study is a short Victorian lesbian romance, perfect for a lunch read or a break between longer stories!