The Witch and the Warrior – Susannah Adele

Herb witch Fern can heal wounds and sickness, but not her own broken heart. But maybe the warrior Nismaya can…

Fern carries the guilt and grief of being unable to save the woman she loved. But a mission to a remote and icy village under attack by supernatural forces may be the second chance she needs. Accompanied by her familiar, a tiny moss-otter, Fern sets out in a last-chance attempt to prove herself.

She is instantly drawn to village protector Nismaya, feeling an immediate connection even though the two women don’t speak each other’s language. But there is more than one way to communicate, and when they are joined in an accidental magical soulbond, Fern begins to open her heart to possibilities she thought would be forever out of her reach.

That is, if a deadly magical enemy doesn’t kill them both first.

The Witch and the Warrior is a fantasy romance full of intricate worldbuilding and eerie magic.

This book was originally published as The Taitaja.