All Manner of Hats – Elva Birch

Milliner Valentina Briggston is on a mission of marriage. She has selected her quarry, a rich widower who won’t interfere with her independence, with the same care that she has built her successful business of (slightly magical) women’s hats. Unfortunately, she finds herself with a rival, the fiery and fashion-defying Charlotte Jones, who is disturbingly beautiful, unexpectedly clever, and, if Valentina is being honest with herself, much more interesting than the man in their sights. 

When their intended husband-of-convenience becomes the target of supernatural mischief, the two rivals reluctantly have to collaborate to figure out who—or what—is trying to terrify him…and why. What starts as a truce to protect their interests ends up as an opportunity for happiness that neither of them saw coming.

All Manner of Hats is a short, sweet lesbian romp of manners with magic, ghost horses, and cunning hats, in a steampunk-flavored world of dirigibles, duels, and cityships.

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