Women and Cats Shall Do As They Please – Ace Olusola

Christie doesn’t believe in magic.

Christie is the sensible, pragmatic sort, and she’s just looking for a place to heal her broken heart.  Thea, her childhood best friend, offers a perfect solution: Christie can stay with her as long as she wants, and all she has to do is take care of Thea’s many adopted stray cats so Thea can focus on her independent film career.  With a chance to catch up and reconnect, it’ll be just like old times.

Magic is Thea’s business.

Thea’s made a name for herself with video travelogues of fantastical worlds: the perfect setting for her warm personality and love of life to shine.  But she has a secret she doesn’t trust to anyone.  These amazing places aren’t the product of special effects genius.  They’re real.  And the cats she takes care of are the key.

Worlds collide…

When Thea disappears, Christie is pulled into an adventure of talking cats, courtly crows, and a door which opens into other worlds.  But in the midst of all these marvels, her greatest quest is to uncover the desires of her heart.

Women and Cats Shall Do as They Please is a lighthearted F/F friends-to-lovers adventure with a guaranteed happy ending.  Open the door to this magical book today!

2 thoughts on “Women and Cats Shall Do As They Please – Ace Olusola

  1. This was a really fun read. The romance was sweet, lowkey and heartwarming. The cats, crows and the magical worlds made for a great supporting cast that stole the show at times.

    • Disclaimer: I got an advanced reader copy of this book for free with no obligation to review.

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