A Lady’s Fine Companion – Margaret K. Mac

In A Lady’s Fine Companion, Eleanor Blank is a wonder with a typewriter, amazing at meeting her publisher’s deadlines, and utterly abysmal at keeping house. It seems like such a good idea when her brother offers to find her a lady’s companion to care for the old family home.

Eleanor’s good at being on her own, but when Frances Witherspoon arrives on her doorstep, she realizes what she’s been missing!

Suddenly Eleanor’s living with an adorable woman who makes her blush and eat regular meals, and Frances comes to realize that her employer’s cranky exterior hides a heart of gold and a passion that takes her breath away.

Is Eleanor ready to bring someone into her solitude? Is Frances ready for her mysterious employer’s unexpected desires?

A Lady’s Fine Companion is a short cozy lesbian romance, perfect for a lunch read or a break between longer stories!

Includes the bonus short story, Roman Ways.