Wolf Country – Mar Delaney

A lot can happen in a remote cabin in a beautiful wilderness, with only one bed.

Laney thinks she’s only doing a good deed when she rescues a wolf caught in an illegal trap—until the wolf transforms into a beautiful naked woman in her arms!

Sheltered Dasha grew up in an isolated werewolf pack under the rule of a strict alpha, but she immediately recognizes her rescuer as her mate. Now Laney is nursing her back to health in her isolated cabin in the gorgeous Alaskan wilderness, while the two women dance around the magnetic attraction drawing them together.

In Dasha’s sparkling eyes and beautiful smile, Laney might have found the piece she’s been missing—if she can learn to let someone else in, after years of being alone. And Dasha has always taken her cues from her pack … but when mate bond and pack bond collide, she has to trust her own heart and instincts to tell her what’s right.

With Dasha’s pack determined to separate them and a dangerous, armed poacher on the loose, Laney and Dasha must decide what they want and fight for what’s theirs, in a remote winter wilderness where the greatest unexplored country is the wilds of a human heart.

An HEA lesbian werewolf romance, with sizzling sex and true love conquering all, set in the sweeping scenery of Alaska’s wild backcountry.