Fox You – Yuna Lee

Fox spirits are supposed to seduce and drain their victims…not fall in love with them!

Eunice, a modern-day fox, thought that giving up her party girl ways and turning over a new leaf would be easy. But she’s getting nagged by her Very Asian Mom (TM), hosting a foxy cousin who insists on holding orgies, and incompetent at cooking anything but ramen. When a beautiful Black woman teaches her the magic of Southern cooking, Eunice is smitten. How can she control her desires around someone so delicious?

Mary Jean is a gifted cook who dreams of opening her own restaurant. Right now, she has trouble making ends meet while supporting her sick ma. She’s giving cooking lessons to a gorgeous Asian woman—after all, everyone deserves great jambalaya—and maybe falling for her too. But after a break-up with the rich ex who thought that golf mattered more than her ma’s health, Mary Jean isn’t sure she’s ready to open her heart again.

Can two women find romance together while reinventing Southern cuisine?

NOTE: Fox You was previously published on Kindle Vella under the pen name Jaye Fox.

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