Fire Control – Elva Birch

A Princess and a Firefighter
A dragon princess who can’t shift or control her fire, Dalinya finds solace in flying a helicopter for Alaska Forestry fighting wildfire. When she accidentally drops a bucket of swampwater on a firefighter, she isn’t expecting to discover that the hapless victim is actually her fated mate. This definitely wasn’t the first impression she was hoping to make.
Hot-tempered and foul-mouthed, Leona has no patience for fumble-fingered pilots and no time for a relationship…until a gorgeous woman with an unbelievable story makes her reconsider everything she thought she knew about magic and love.

Fire Control is a short, steamy lesbian paranormal romance romp, originally published in the Her Wild Soulmate charity anthology and later included in Shape Shifters Vol 1 (both out of print). This version has been revised and expanded.