Watercat Cafe – Rachel Manija Brown

Love cats and cake and cottagecore? This book is for you.

Ruthie is this close to achieving her life’s dream: launching the first cat café in her post-apocalyptic world. But the mysterious, wounded stranger she rescues could doom her dream–or save it.

In a dangerous yet cozy world where pet watercats fish for their dinner and vines can grab you by the hair, Ruthie was inspired by an ancient book to revive the lost tradition of the café. But all her careful plans are upset when Fern crashes into her life.

Fern is a wary stranger with an arrow in her shoulder and a mysterious but friendly animal tagging at her feet. She’s clearly trouble, but the chemistry between them is irresistible. Can two lonely women risk everything to open their hearts to love?

Watercat Café is a short lesbian romance, perfect for reading on your lunch break. Make sure it’s a good lunch, though, because it will make you hungry.

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