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Elva Birch is a fire dragon Gemini who belly dances barefoot and loves to listen to the rain on a metal roof. She is an author of the impossible and irresistible.

“…full of touching, real moments, woven with magic and unique characters.”

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Rachel Manija Brown


Rachel Manija Brown

Rachel Manija Brown writes in many genres under many names. She writes lesbian fiction under her own name and as Rebecca Tregaron, young adult novels under her own name, and straight paranormal romance as Lia Silver and Zoe Chant.

She has worked as a trauma therapist, a life coach, a TV writer, a stage manager, and a disaster relief worker. She was also a substitute teacher for sixth graders, but she could only stand it for one day.

Rachel lives near Yosemite with two rowdy cats and six cheeping chicks. Follow her Instagram for adorable photos.

What readers are saying:
“Fast-paced and by turns hilarious and heartbreaking.”
“Always one of my fav authors… Sweet romance plus cats and magic, perfection.”

Fire Control – Elva Birch

A Princess and a Firefighter
A dragon princess who can’t shift or control her fire, Dalinya finds solace in flying a helicopter for Alaska Forestry fighting wildfire. When she accidentally drops a bucket of swampwater on a firefighter, she isn’t expecting to discover that the hapless victim is actually her fated mate. This definitely wasn’t the first impression she was hoping to make.
Hot-tempered and foul-mouthed, Leona has no patience for fumble-fingered pilots and no time for a relationship…until a gorgeous woman with an unbelievable story makes her reconsider everything she thought she knew about magic and love.

Fire Control is a short, steamy lesbian paranormal romance romp, originally published in the Her Wild Soulmate charity anthology and later included in Shape Shifters Vol 1 (both out of print). This version has been revised and expanded.



Watercat Cafe – Rachel Manija Brown

Love cats and cake and cottagecore? This book is for you.

Ruthie is this close to achieving her life’s dream: launching the first cat café in her post-apocalyptic world. But the mysterious, wounded stranger she rescues could doom her dream–or save it.

In a dangerous yet cozy world where pet watercats fish for their dinner and vines can grab you by the hair, Ruthie was inspired by an ancient book to revive the lost tradition of the café. But all her careful plans are upset when Fern crashes into her life.

Fern is a wary stranger with an arrow in her shoulder and a mysterious but friendly animal tagging at her feet. She’s clearly trouble, but the chemistry between them is irresistible. Can two lonely women risk everything to open their hearts to love?

Watercat Café is a short lesbian romance, perfect for reading on your lunch break. Make sure it’s a good lunch, though, because it will make you hungry.

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